Sunday, February 05, 2006

Separated at Birth?

One of these pictures is Guido at an ISU gig, and the other is the Jungle Party Love-A-Lot Care Bear. Even in person it's hard to tell the difference, since when you rub their tummies, they both squeek, "I love you! How about a hug?"


Joliet Jen said...

I love when Guido says that to me

The Management said...

Ms. Lauper,

While a reminder such as this should be unnecessary and takes away from my time on the tennis court or golf course, I will helpfully refer you to the terms of your contract, wherein you are expressly prohibited from teasing, cajoling, ridiculing, or belittling Mr. Menudo, a major shareholder in this organization.

Further, comparisons between Mr. Menudo and the Jungle Party Love-a-Lot Care Bear are in poor taste and not humorous, endearing, or of educational merit.

Please apply your limited intellect to the above instruction and make amends to Mr. Menudo with a substantial cash gift.

Jesse VanHalen said...

So as long as we pay up we can say fluffy shit about Guido Menudo.


Joliet Jen said...

how much?..........who cares, I'm in

Anonymous said...

I can't reveal my identity, due to the fact that I may be dealt with or monatarily penalized. I think i figured out who the "management" is. Just click on my link to see the top secret photo I have uncovered.