Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BP Fitness Guide, Part Five: Let's Get Physical

I follow a very strict, very traditional fitness plan. I go to the gym every day for at least an hour, and if I can't go to the gym for some reason like they're not open or I have a 103 degree fever, I go home and work out with one or two or three of my enormous collection of exercise DVDs. I get plenty of rest, drink hundreds of glasses of water each day, use moisturizers and toothpaste faithfully, and adhere to the following diet without exception:

Breakfast: large iced skim latte (now with some decaf) and a gigantic cookie
Snack: whatever leftover brownies or fudge some smart ass left in the breakroom
Lunch: one of whatever everyone else is having at whatever business lunch meeting or training event this is
Snack: large iced skim latte (maybe a little decaf in there) and a power bar to get in the mood for the gym
Dinner: pizza and ice cream
Snack: more ice cream

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