Sunday, February 03, 2008

Here Comes Fun!

I hope everyone made it through Groundhog Day (six more weeks of winter, baby) without serious physical or emotional injury. Thanks to an unprecedented convergence of hearts and moons and stars and comets, we're just hours away from the once in a lifetime hugest ever reason for a party - Super Fat Tuesday!

We'll add to the already overwhelming big thrills by throwing beautiful strings of beads (sent directly to us from New Orleans) into the hands of fully clothed humans over at the High Dive while reliving the precious moment of casting our primary votes.

1 comment:

Deanna said...

Where the heck have i been?? I have totally missed your blogs and everything else.. i need a brat pack show again in the near future!

Believe it or not i have only been out one time since your last show at the casino.. im usually goin out every weekend.. but this weekend is my bday weekend so u can bet your bottom dollar ill be out.. thurs, fri, and sat :) not at a brat pack show tho unfortunately :(

ok so my comment had nothing to do with this particular blog but i wanted to drop in and say HOWDY!