Monday, February 20, 2006

Lynndi in Charge

I know I probably shouldn't be publishing this photograph, but I thinks it's important that you - the Brat Pack fans, know the truth behind this band.

Lynndi Lauper rules with an iron fist. And she's not afraid to use it to keep everybody in line. Just look at poor Tommy Tubular - he talked about only giving 105% effort before the show at S2X instead of the Brat Pack's customary 110%.

Needless to say, he gave 112% effort that night. Way to go Lynndi!


The Devas said...

That's right Dave. Don't mess with the bull, you'll get the horns.

Anonymous said...
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The Devas said...

Dear Mr. Dave,

Thank you for the excellent expose. Rest assured that we are looking into the matter.

I am compelled, however, to point out that you have failed to capitalize TOMMY TUBULAR's name in your post. I recommend immediate action be taken to correct the error and a written apology be delivered to MR. TUBULAR along with a cash gift and peanut butter fudge.

Joliet Jen said...

i didnt want to say anything, cause I'm scared of her. She's put me back in my place a few times. I'm glad New Wave Dave said something because it has given me the courage to speak up. If I am not front and center at shows dancing like mad, she puts me back in line. I'm sorry Lynndi.

The Devas said...