Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Wave Dave's Night Off

What does New Wave Dave do on his many nights off from the Brat Pack? I'm glad you asked! Here is a short list of his important duties as back up Brat Pack bass player:
  • Rewatch all movies starring one of the Cory's
  • Clean, press, and organize the band's parachute pants collection
  • Test new 80's props for durability, flexibility, and fun-ability
  • Master the facial expressions of Anthony Michael Hall
  • Write petition to bring back New Coke
  • Do 80 push-ups and 80 sit-ups
  • Relax with a good issue of Tiger Beat


Lynndi said...

Yeah, Dave, too bad about you, huh?

We're kicking back at the Casino Aztar hotel tonight after a fun 80s show. TOMMY's prevailing at Black Jack, Larry's gone off dancing sexy somewhere, Jesse and Guido are enjoying room service and laughing really loud with a bunch of girls they met downstairs, Josh has the mobile chem lab running, and I'm figuring all sorts of odds. And you get to match up all your socks!

It looks like we're tied in the sexiness poll, so we might have to have a final sexy round. Be ready, pal!

Lynndi said...

Uh oh!
You're sneaking ahead in the poll now, but Jesse and I are tied for second. This sucks.

The Management said...

Switzerland was lovely. Thank you for asking.

The Management said...

Oh wait. You didn't ask. Perhaps you should have.

Jesse VanHalen said...

Tommy lost $80. Larry won $1980. I slept with girls and Menudo slept with zero. What are the odds? The Casino life wouldn't be the same without you David.


New Wave Dave said...

If i was there, we would all be getting comp'd because of my amazing gambling skills. Then Guido and Tommy would blow it all on Evansville hookers and room service. Saddened by the disgrace to Brat Pack name, Josh of Seagulls would jump off the boat and drown in 4 feet of water.

So it's best i'm not there.

The Management said...

Mr. Dave,

Take a few moments to reinforce your understanding of the terms of your contract, particularly with regard to subsections on gambling and swimming. Just as your responsibilities as back up bass player include expertise in card counting, Mr. Of Seagulls' agreement states specifically that he will maintain athletic prowess to ensure his safety in any underwater, underground, below freezing, or substandard circumstance. After all, protection of Mr. Of Seagulls body is protection of his mind and hence protection of my property. I appreciate your plans to cheat the casino and hope that you are making good use of this weekend off to fortify the relevant skill set. We look forward to including you in future casino gigs and are developing appropriate distractions for Mr. Menudo.

Lynndi said...

Yeah Dave, it was pretty great over there at Casino Aztar, but I bet you got caught up with your Tiger Beat reading and made some progress on the socks.

New Wave Dave said...

You know, Tiger Beat is really underrated.

Guido said...

Tigerbeat makes me think back to my days in Menudo. You know you get free tacos and hair frostings at every photo shoot?