Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BP Fitness Guide, Part Two: A Sensible Plan

Tommy Tubular sure has a level head! He practices moderation in everything, eating only 1.25 slices of gooey Pinch Penny pizza and never beginning a workout without thoroughly warming up first. He CAN walk past the Krispy Kremes without excitement and never needs to smoke a pack of cigarettes in one sitting. Tommy checks his heart rate once an hour and gets a CBC and lipid profile done quarterly. He has developed an exercise regimen that not only promotes his best health and sexiest figure but also enhances mental and spiritual well-being, but Tommy is wise enough to know that what works for him may cause injury or loss of XBox time for others, so he doesn't brag or boast or offer his great plan for sale. Even when hotties like these two try to charm it out of him!

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