Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Caught Lip Synching!

I heard that someone said we were lip-synching at the Streetfest, and I thought about how wonderful it would be if that were true. We would have so much extra time, not to mention fewer injuries and better gas mileage, if we didn't have to mess with all that stupid gear for hours before and after every show. (We might still have to help Larry with the PA though. Ha.)

After that I thought how nice it would be to have a voice for talking the day after the show... and if we could have skipped all the vocal cord injuries last year!

Imagine all the lithium batteries we wouldn't have to pay for and recycle if we could just turn off all our wireless equipment and pretend!

And then I remembered that we did have a guest star - the Imposter Madonna - who was lip-synching for like 3.6 minutes while I stood next to her dressed as Darth Vader and did the actual singing behind my evil mask. Well, crap.

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