Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sexy AND Smart!

After several weeks, TOMMY TUBULAR, last-minute winner of the sexiness poll, finally cracked the code, solving the TOMMY trivia crossword puzzle that had everyone else stumped! For this triumph, he wins an all-expense paid trip to Taylorville this Friday night. And we'll bring him back too!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Brat Pack Instrument

Jesse VanHalen has a new keyboard idea that I think you're all going to love.

I think the picture is pretty self-explanatory.

Say What?

Tommy G's is now a hot spot! You can stick your kids over in the germphobe's nightmare next door and sit around all day blogging and tipping your bartender, and then when we show up for the St. Patrick's Day extravaganza, we'll bring our laptops and IM each other whenever one of us goofs (Hello McFly!) or thinks the others should look up (Fight!) That's not just gnarly, it's bitchin.