Friday, September 21, 2007

We Have a Winner

The author and star of About the Girl has officially won our zillion dollar prize by guessing that the famous 80s star I REALLY SAW was this friend of hers. She knows other fabulous celebrities of the 80s such as Billy Idol, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Run DMC, Madonna, and Combo Audio. Or some of those. Congratulations Stephanie, your check's in the mail!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How Many Bass Players Does it Take to Make Lauper Look Stupid at the Gym?

That Tommy Sedseaux (whoever he is) can't stop picking on the fab local faves of yesteryear. Doesn't he have anything better to do? I had an idea for how Don Gerard could get back to his playing weight by Summer 2008, but thanks to the miracle of new blogger, I couldn't leave a comment and so am forced to counterblog.

Wednesday Absolute Body Conditioning class! If it's good enough for Electric Larry, a bass player who wears three cell phones on his belt, it's good enough for Don, a bass player who wears ties to work, where he keeps a sled. After the foxy ladies of ABC worried and worried about Larry's one absence (twisted his ankle in the garage,) he made a glorious comeback and even kicked the teacher's partner's butt in "construct/deconstruct!" Go Larry! Anyhoo, this type of activity ought get Don into pre-21st century shape. All other bass players are welcome to join.
Electric Larry, showin some love, leadin the parade.

Don on the far left, all buff and behatted in the 90s.

Rory, another kick-ass bass player who could make me look stupid at the gym.

Aaron, also on the bass, also getting ready to race a bunch of women on Wednesdays.

Sorry, can't make it, got shit to do.

Nuff said.

It's A Magic Number

Josh of Seagulls has been working on his American Sign Language skills. Here he is indicating that the next tune should be played in 7.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alright, I'll Give You a Clue

Because Don Gerard came so close with his guess in a comment, and because, thanks to the miracle of new blogger, I can't comment back, I will reveal the activity (but not the identity) of the huge 80s star I saw this morning. He was saving the lives of blue torso people, and he was SMOOTH!

Guess Who I Saw This Morning?!!?!

I'm not going to name names or tell you where I saw him or what he was doing, but he's a REAL 80S STAR, and I saw him this morning, and he was being very star-like and very 80s, and he's in the upper left hand corner of this picture, and he looks just as hott as ever.

Better Yet

If anyone out there is driving late at night, and sees any white van, I (as the official Brat Pack Ambassador) give you permission to "Moon" them with all flamboyancy while you pass them. Slap your butt, let things hang out...regardless, it'll be funny.

Brat Pack Injury

I would just like to say, in defense of the members of The Brat Pack, we had no accidental injuries this week (Thank Goodness!!!) Instead, our injuries came in the form of allergy afflictions (Yes, it's true, "The Brat Pack" is human and feels the pain of normal life just as you and I do!) With harvest going well as we would hope, allergies pop their head up all the time. Claritin has its place.

Yo Lynn!!! We're heading somewhere this weekend that I've never been to before (Heroes West!!!) I've done almost 200 gigs with you guys, but I've never been to Heroes. I've heard spectacular things about that club (I hear the food ROCKS!)...y'all better put on a good show, or I'm gonna have Electric Larry do some funny things with your sound! LOL!!!

Can't wait! Go Dallas Cowboys!!!

See you there!
Sixteen Kendells

Monday, September 17, 2007

Paying the Bills

It may not be 80s, but it's the kind of dance instruction we highly recommend.

Injury of the Week!

This week's featured injury is the Killer Hangover! At least four of us got one this weekend, and that beats the scratched cornea and dry skin I had going.