Wednesday, October 10, 2012

News, Sports, and Weather Update

It seems like we're constantly hearing something new about news or science or whatever. Only yesterday we learned that dancing releases oxytocin, although there were no specific details about stomping down the street with a gang of ghouls. Today the great news is that zombies, like everyone else, can compare their actual diet with ideal and berate themselves. With luck, zombies can become depressed or anorexic and stop bothering everyone.

Who doesn't love soccer? Soccer might be the ultimate 'almost totally 80s' sport, and there's no reason to expect that banshees wouldn't show up there too, although maybe following somewhat different rules.

The Brat Pack continues to be hopeful about lovely October weather for our Friday show at Fat City, so that we can party with you under the stars. We'll check our weather apps every few seconds until it's time to set up (or a couple of hours after we set up). If there's any hint of foul weather, we will move it inside for the safety and comfort of all.