Saturday, September 22, 2012

Contest of the Week: What Would (you make) Tommy Tubular Do?

Maybe the question is really "What WOULDN'T Tommy Tubular do to perform with The Brat Pack?" He says he wants to sit in when we play at Boomerang's (Saturday, September 29) and that he'll do ANYTHING for it. Based on the following photographic evidence, he might be serious.

He would dress up as leprechaun and dance a jig.

He would kiss a frog right in front of St. Patrick.

He would eat an entire guitar.

And he would wear a speedo in January.

Given what you now know about him, what should Tommy Tubular have to do to get onstage with The Brat Pack next weekend?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Behind this Week's Contest of the Week: The Truth About Dinner

This week's Contest of the Week was to identify (or invent) the three course meal plus alcoholic dessert created by BGtH and JvH. The winner came up with something absolutely delicious sounding, so she wins a high quality long-sleeved, full color Brat Pack tee shirt for her creative contribution.
But now we feel obligated to present the truth. The truth about what they prepared and consumed that fateful evening.
Brendan Goes to Hollywood was the shopping assistant and sous chef for the event. Here he catalogs produce while a bottle of Fruit Loops flavored vodka hovers ominously in the foreground.
Master Chef (pronounced 'mast-shef') and Gastrophysicist, Jesse Van Halen, demonstrated proper slicing and hygiene throughout.

Brendan Goes to Hollywood chopped and chopped and chopped and chopped, creating the basis for the side dishes: cauliflower mashed 'potatoes' and a fresh and tangy tomato-cucumber-avocado salad.

Rick James, Brendan's costar from Cup Trix, stopped by to pass judgement and found the kitchen to be in good order. She did not touch or breathe on the fabulous main dish, Chicken Marbella ala Mamadoux. 
Although the guests appeared indifferent, they ate everything and complained about being too full for several hours after this shining culinary triumph.
A close up.
Late to the party was Ms. Chains, who sampled everything, pronounced it fabulous, and assisted with creation of the dessert: Rumchatta Pistachio shakes!!!