Sunday, December 16, 2007

This Time We Have a Really Good Explanation

There have been some complaints from readers and critics alike (well, maybe reader and critic) about the recent lull in blog action. We would like to apologize and offer an explanation which, if not immediately plausible, will surely tug at your heartstrings and evoke forgiveness.

After Thanksgiving, a kind of hush had settled over us, a tryptophan trance followed by a pecan pie high and a decaf low. In this vulnerable state, we were abducted by elves who hauled us by sleigh to the north pole to conduct experiments, and we know for sure that they stole our camera phones and took dirty pictures of themselves before restoring us to our nice warm beds and partially erasing our memories so that when we woke up all we knew was that two weeks had passed and we'd been near some striped butts.

Witness our terror in the night sky!

And who wouldn't be traumatized by matching elfin booties.