Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another Deal Gone Sour

Well, once the boys finished shooting the "high-budget" feature Hot Buttered Elves (coming to a quality adult cineplex near you, X-mas 2007), they were sure they'd be paid for their services. I mean, everyone had performed as contracted, and when "Mike," the producer, said they'd be paid "after a while," you can imagine.... Not that they won't pursue further "acting" options, but you can bet they won't be working with "Mike" again.

Alice in Satan's Domain

Where I work, you see a lot of things. Some good, mostly bad, some you'd never want to see, some you'll never forget. As a Soul Crusher, I think I've seen just about the worst. This was too much, though. Those glaring eyes, like the pimiento in a martini olive, boring into you, demanding more than you can ever give. Christ on a Crutch. You can understand why the king sent her on her way. She'll be back though, you can just tell.

Every Picture Tells A Story...Oops, Wrong Decade...[Insert J. Geils Band Lyric Here]

Meanwhile, downstairs at the Bada Bing, cryogenically frozen entertainers are thawed out in preparation for Paulie Walnuts' impending birthday bash.

So, a guitarist, a headless drummer and a bear walk into a bar...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

NEW FEATURE! Guest Super-Bloggers in the House!

I finally got wise and turned over the reins to an assortment of gifted authors, among them intellectuals, world-famous blog personalities, rock stars, and tireless champions of social justice. They have agreed to help explain several images stinking up our vault, sights begging to be seen with stories never before told. Enjoy!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Trivia Contest Tainted with Controversy!

Our blog-only trivia contest has closed, at an arbitrary time and without warning, amidst uncertainty and confusion. The winner, with 9 of 9 correct answers, is "Anonymous," and because I can't tell for sure if that's a truly anonymous "anonymous" or is perhaps the REAL "anonymous" who used to be in the band and has her own blog, we either have an invisible winner who wants no prize or attention or we're cheating by handing it to someone who used to be in the band and still knows all our secrets. To make it even harder to settle this thing is a two-way tie for second place (with 8 of 9 each.) What's a blog administrator to do?


1. a. The rhythm sections prefers compression. No one else really cares.

2. d. Josh of Seagulls played a noisy short order cook in the Country Bears - "Order up!"

3. c. We'll accept any answer for the skirt question, but "c" is the smart bet.

4. a or f. It is unknown what Tommy Tubular does all day, but because some of us believe he burps babies and books bands all day, that's a valid answer too.

5. c. Lynndi Lauper is a certified sexuality educator who has even been certified to train other educators, only she won't do any of it because it's like totally embarrassing.

6. f. New Wave Dave/Diamond Dave is some kind of martial arts teacher guy.

7. g. Sixteen Kendells is a licensed pyro - KERPLOWEE!!

8. e. Guido Menudo! but how would you know this unless you asked us, and then we wouldn't tell you, so any answer works here.

9. d. New Wave Dave's kind of a purist.

Anyone for some TIE-BREAKERS?

1. Which "member" of the Brat Pack is an ordained minister?

2. Name the two bocce champions.