Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can We See That Again?

It's just so delightfully complex.

Injury of the Week IS an Amazing Scientific Discovery!

This is a picture of Sixteen Kendells showing off his mostly normal hand, sometime before October 19, when it was still mostly normal. Before he turned into a religious freakshow.

And this is a "borrowed," photo-shopped, mirror-image of a simulated approximation of what his hand sort of looked like just after being attacked by the monitor board during load-in last Friday night. Creepy, huh? We're thinking we could make some extra cash off this because who doesn't love some gory stigmata?

Time for a Picture of Tommy in a Swirling Whirl of Nonsense

That's Tommy Tubular pretending to be Captain James TIBERIUS (not "Tubular" or even "Totally") Kirk dressed up as Run DMC considering whether to boldly make out with Yoda as they drift through a chillingly desolate wormhole guided only by the glow of a stained Brat Pack backdrop and a large out-of-focus post. I sure hope those cans don't fall on their heads because it would be hard to work any references to the Karate Kid into this one.