Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm no expert, butt....

I witnessed a "single Colorado reach-around reverse ariel" for the first time tonight. That takes both strength and stamina.

What else can I look forward to this weekend? Another Cowboy's victory?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going "Into The Cave"

It's a little known fact that computer programmers must put themselves into "solitary confinement" in order to actually accomplish anything. It's really the opposite for performers, who must have a crowd to be successful.

I've been in the "programming cave" for a few days now, and am about ready to come out to play. Is anyone cool coming to Sliderz Friday? I dig that place, and know a few people there (from my times mixing for That 90's Band.) If not, are The Brat Pack's newest groupies coming from Joliet to Bolingbrook this weekend? I have a good feeling about both gigs...looking forward to anything that doesn't look like a computer monitor!

Let's Rock!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

O! How They Suffer for Their Art

Boo hoo.

I Feel Sorry for The Brat Pack

It must be so hard to be them, always gorging on excellent food like the wings and chocolate cake at Heroes West just before they perform. How in the world can they get any blood back to their brains from their stomachs in order to remember those very difficult tunes they play? And further, how can they hop around on one foot or sway back and forth all night while drinking shot after shot of free liquor? It's a wonder the guy with the hat doesn't hurl all over himself from headbanging while drinking. Worse yet, they must all be blind as bats to look out on the sea of hot chicks and not be completely devastated. They really have the toughest job around, keeping their cool in the face of these distractions.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gig-Injury Remedies

After careful consideration, I believe my pinched finger injury is far less serious than Lynn's knee injury. It turns out that a HUGE Cowboys Victory over the Bears is a very good remedy for a pinched finger.

Similarly, Diamond Dave should make sure that the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to win, as their wins somehow seem to prevent backdrop/plate injuries.

Lynn, it might be time to consider another new career. Using pneumatic machines on yourself to test knee-braces, just for the sake of setting ISO standards, might not be the career you were destined for. Maybe you should try singing in a band, or otherwise helping people?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pinched Finger or Bruised Knee: Which Do YOU Prefer?

This week's Injury of the Week is a tie between my left knee, repeatedly smashed into the corner of a speaker throughout the weekend, and Kendell's pinched finger, which is now a swollen, blistered, throbbing, disgusting, yet somehow impossible to look away from, mess. So we put it to you, gentle reader: which is worse, the gradual chipping away of my patella or Kendell's monstrously disfigured digit?

P.S. Happy Birthday, Tommy Tubular!