Saturday, May 12, 2007

Let's Get Back to Baseball

Now that graduation is over and everyone's almost married, we can focus on America's biggest passion besides 80s music. Here's Tommy as a Cardinal player with Batgirl/boy, Harry Caray, and a Scout. Not pictured are perennial south sider (i.e. Sox) Menudo and Jesse Van Umpire.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hey SIU!

Oh man, they're gonna graduate and move away and we'll never see them again. At least not all sloppy drunk and stuff.

You Wouldn't Believe Who Told This Joke

Why did Michael Jackson rush over to the KMart?

Because he heard little boys' pants were half-off.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Big Important Meeting = Awesome Plan

Well, Tommy and I just finished our Bahamas Planning Meeting, and wow am I exhausted. What a lot of work! Actually Tommy did all the work, and his ideas were so in synch with my vision for this summer holiday show on the beach that you'd almost think I thought of them!

Anyway, Tommy wants to do Christmas in July. Since we have most of the costumes (including boots, hats, wigs, and beards) already, he's stoked about being Santa Claus. He wants to dress Guido up in the full reindeer fur suit, and Josh and Jesse can be green velvet elves with plush polar bear fur coats!

My friend Jeff, who's played this gig a number of times himself, suggested wearing something kind of light due to the actual temperature in the Bahamas in July, so I might dress up as a beachcomber who just happened upon these morons doing the hits of the 80s on the beach. I was afraid to mention this to Tommy at our very productive meeting tonight because he was so darned excited.