Thursday, December 06, 2012

CONTEST OF THE WEEK: Please Tell the Brat Pack How to Party

Like every other actual business with revenue, expenditures, attorneys, and hundreds of costumes and props, the Brat Pack must now plan its OWN annual holiday party.
Sure we play lots of holiday parties for other workplaces, but that's easy. The naughty things they do in the janitor's closet don't really bother us at all. And when the boss gets up on stage to sit in with the band, that's no sweat either.
But what can people whose business it is to party all year long do for themselves when the season comes along?
CONTEST OF THE WEEK: Describe in 5,000,000 words or less, with photos, video, and emoji optional, the perfect holiday party. Real or imagined. Litigation pending or settled. For The Brat Pack or yourself or anyone. 
The most excellent contest entry wins you an exciting holiday-themed gift set, packed with love by our own elves, angels, wise men, Frosty, and various Santas.