Saturday, April 22, 2006

Excuse #4: Alien Abduction

Equally plausible is the scenario that in the future or in a parallel universe, everyone associated with The Brat Pack and this blog was lifted into a spacecraft and carefully studied for what corresponds in earth time to the last three weeks, hypnotized into believing they'd paid a visit to Thanos Las Vegas and/or experienced a cosmic rupture, and deposited at a casino just in time for the gig.

Excuse #3: Technical Difficulties

Our silence can also be attributed to multiple complications in various hardware software connectivities, these arising from a massive warp in the space time continuum, occasionally referred to as the space gash. New Wave Dave and Josh of Seagulls have enlisted our old pal GI Joe to assist with the coming investigation. Rest assured, it's coming! Our talented trio of researchers will leave no space gash unexplored!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Excuse #2: Disciplinary Action

Ms. Lauper, the primary user of our thesaurus, has been on double-secret extra-strength exclusionary probation as a result of serious breaches of contract, namely violations of subsections related to hair care and preserving the dignity of any imaginary creatures she might impersonate.

Excuse #1: We've Been Real Busy

Yeah, we haven't had much time for blogging because we've been hanging out at Las Vegas Thane's pad working on tunes with his cat.