Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Commerce and Fashion Updates

If you're shuffling along with us at a club and suddenly realize that you forgot to purchase a gift for that special someone's birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, 4th of July, or other important day... we've got the goods. We keep them right there on stage with us at all times, and if you have cash, it's even easier!

Our full color, high quality "BP Rocket" baseball jersey isn't just for astronauts and time-travelling teenagers anymore. A sexy, flattering style for all, the rocket shirt is affordable, at $15, and helps prevent nudity.

The Brat Pack underwear collection might be familiar to you, thanks to our supermodel lead singers, who have no shame. So stop having shame and get some today! (Prices vary by style.)

The Brat Pack Tank Top, a la Gwen Stefani and Brendan Goes to Hollywood, is a classic. A small quantity remains in our inventory, which could make these a collector's item (if we forget to reorder).

Finally, the Members Buttons went so fast, we had to do an emergency restocking. At $2 per, you can easily collect them all!

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