Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Brat Pack vs City of Champaign

All we wanna do is have some fun!

We're getting ready for the great big Cowboy Monkey Block Party Beach Party in downtown Champaign, in the heart of glorious Champaign, Illinois, homeland of The Brat Pack and all things awesome. We can't call it a "Street-f***" because it's not an official City function. We might be playing one of those official City Streetf****s later in the summer or distant future or alternative reality, and we won't be calling that a "B**** Party" either, lest confusion lead to rioting. But it gets worse...

How can we have fun if the City won't let us shoot fake blood all over their showmobile? That's an important part of our beach-themed extravaganza! Why can't we set little fires inside that nicely contained stage? They're just little, and they make us sound a lot better. Also, the City might NOT allow us to haul fifteen tons of sand to dump along the street to make a temporary beach so that our beach party show is more believable. And simulating a tsunami? Forget it. They have some kind of ordinances. Public safety and other bureaucratic nonsense.

So here is Lynndi Lauper picking a fight with the Mayor of Champaign who won't let us have any fun because it might make a 'mess' or 'disaster' or whatever.

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