Monday, June 18, 2012

Reinventing the 80s, One Logical Proposition at a Time

A wise man once told us that whatever wikipedia says is true. Then he said that wikipedia said that the 80s started in the late 70s and had no real clear endpoint. Alex in Chains herself could therefore be said to have started in the 80s, even though her birthdate includes no 8. If Alex started in the 80s, then whatever she plays or sings must be 80s music. Similarly, Punky Drewster, star of the hit youtube series "Talk to Punky", and Brendan Goes to Hollywood, AKA Orange Guy, were almost certainly born in the 80s so that wherever they go, a rainbow of orange and purple trails along, covering the land with 'almost totally 80s' goodness. Plus we have a new t-shirt for sale, appropriate for warmer climates and all genders.