Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Proud Tradition Endures

Lynndi Lauper's been showing off for the new people with stubbed toes, ripped hose, minor head injuries, the lightweight stuff of today's more cautious, well-informed Brat Pack. Predictably, no one was impressed.

But last night, Sam Kind of Wonderful brought the Pack back to its roots. During the first song of the night, Footloose, the whirlwind culminated in a serious ankle sprain. At break an hour later, there was no time for first aid or even sympathy, as a downpour directed everyone's attention to protecting inanimate objects. Neglecting Poor Sam's problem for several hours, and even laughing at him and getting video of him limping across the parking lot, let it bloom into today's triumphant, old skool gig tragedy!

It's good to know that some Brat Pack traditions continue...

Monday, September 05, 2011

News and Weather Update

We've just received word that something happened, probably related to the 80s or someone who lived in the 80s, and that there will be weather in the near future, although its style and intensity are difficult to predict.

Meanwhile, we suspect that Alex in Chains' hair and the Aurora Borealis were separated at birth. You decide.