Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Contest of the Week: Top This!

We think OUR weekend is chock-full of important and exciting stuff, and we challenge you to show us up! The winner, whose weekend is guaranteed to be more awesome than ours, gets a guest spot on our blog and facebook page to boast about how much better they've got it than The Brat Pack.

Why we think our weekend is going to be so great:

Three gigs in a row, followed by a picnic/beach party/volleyball tournament!
Alex in Chains is BACK at BJ's Pump after a long, long time!
The Brat Pack helps kick off some holy matrimony!

Jesse Van Halen debuts new pants!
The Brat Pack returns to Kincaid for its annual festival!
Josh of Seagulls celebrates his birthday!

Alex in Chains celebrates her one year anniversary with The Brat Pack!
Punky Drewster gears up for HIS one year anniversary with The Brat Pack!
Brendan Goes to Hollywood and Lynndi Lauper are scheduled to make a decision!


(Thanks for the pretty pictures, Mr. Eric Frahm. We heart you forever.)