Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Reverse Lucky People's Backwards Day!

Two members of the Brat Pack were born on Friday the 13th. Here's a clue.

But the significance of this day doesn't end there. Oh no. Our beloved flight instructor and dance overlord, Anthony D-Boy AKA Bro Jovi, was not only born on Friday the 13th, he was born on JULY 13. We did some research and learned that, because today IS July 13, it might also be his BIRTHDAY on top of everything else!

We are rebuilding the Love Float in honor of this important holiday. Because the first one was made of ice cream and melted, we're moving on to Jello Shots. We believe that with advanced technology, we will be able to 'stand' on the jello float (i.e., glide above it) as we ride around town smashing mirrors and running under ladders with this cute black cat, who really did eat some homework.

Don't worry. We will always find a way to make whatever we're doing seem like official 80s business.

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