Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Top Five Resolutions for 2013 and Progress So Far

1. Get More Exercise.

Here's a classic, made to be broken. Exercise can cause serious injuries, to the exerciser and innocent bystanders! These lead to emergency medical care, physical therapy, attorney's fees, and increased insurance premiums. Add that to pricey gym memberships and workout gear, and we can barely keep the second most popular resolution - to get out of debt. We might trick ourselves with reverse psychology, resolving to get more exercise (see LL's obsessive blog) and then standing up to ourselves by getting less...

2. Get out of Debt.

Depends on how we do with breaking #1.

3. Take Fewer Pictures of Each Other Sleeping/Waking Up/Eating/Taking Pictures.

Creepers everywhere. We know that we should resolve to give each other privacy, to be more respectful, to keep those camera phones to ourselves, but we just forget. Sometimes we even accidentally post these intimate glimpses. After all, nothing says 'party band' like stuffing your face with Crispy Cremes or passing out in the backseat of the van surrounded by equipment.

4. Spend More Time with Friends and Family.

We can live with this promise
as long as it means we get to
take more pictures of each other
sleeping, waking up, eating,
and taking pictures.

5. Learn Something New.

Brendan Goes to Hollywood and Lynndi Lauper thought this meant TIL, collecting fascinating factoids every day, such as the fine points of virology or the history of soap. Other than that, it's so hard to know what you've learned, if anything, until after, and then it's hard to remember and scary to bring up in public. But on this resolution, our fortunes turned...
Just when we were ready to break it, we realized that learning other new stuff counts, like songs, guitar solos, dance steps, the routes to new locations, sources of flair, and innovative jello shot flavors!

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Terry Brown said...

you guys are the best dont ever change